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1. Back-up Rings | Parker NA
Back-up Rings | Parker NA

2. Back-Up Rings – Parker Hannifin

Back-Up Rings. Parker O-Ring Handbook. Back-Up Rings. 6.1 Introduction. Parker’s Parbak® back-up rings help prevent extrusion in high pressure service and …

3. Back-up Rings | Parker

Back-up rings are anti-extrusion elements designed to prevent the migration of sealing material into the extrusion gap under the system pressure. They are open or closed shapes for snap assembly made of a wide range of compounds which are highly resistant to thermal or mechanical stress.

4. Back-up Rings – Parker Hannifin

May 1, 2015 – Modular back-up rings disperse pressure from the seal throughout the gland to fill the extrusion gap and protect the seal (see Figure 10-1).

5. Backup Rings, Rubber Backup Rings, Teflon Backup Rings …

Parker Parbak® Contoured Continuous Back-up Rings. The Parker Parbak is a supplement to a pressure seal such as an O-ring. It is not a seal in itself.

6. Backup (Parback) | O-Rings | Darcoid Nor-Cal Seal

Darcoid has Back-up rings made from 90 durometer rubber, PTFE and plastic to keep to O-ring from extruding into the clearance gap causing seal failure. Parker’s …

7. Parker Back-Up Rings – ESP International

Parker Back-Up Rings

Parker Back-Up Rings. Back-up rings are the most common anti-extrusion devices in dynamic sealing. They provide simple solutions to safely increase system …

8. O-Rings / Backup Rings – Performance Seals, Inc.

O-Rings / Backup Rings

Parbak Backup O-Rings From Parker. Parker offers the Parbak line of O-rings, which are often used in pairs, one on each side of the O-ring. They are:.

9. Parker Series 8-XXX Compounds Sizes – Ace Seal

-40°C to 121°C (-40°F to 250°F), Parker’s standard Parbak N0300-90 and. N1444-90 compounds provide the maximum benefits in back-up ring service.

10. O-Ring Guide

For each 2-xxx series O-ring we can offer a Parker Parbak® back-up ring to fit. This is particularly important where large clearance gaps and/or high pressures …

11. Product – Back-up Ring 5100 Profile – Comoso

Parker’s 5100 Series back-up rings offer extrusion resistance up to 7,000 psi for dynamic applications and up to 20,000 psi for static applications. They are …

12. Parker O-ring Handbook – Instrumentation Projects

VI ParBakâ„¢ Back-Up Rings. VII Compatibility Tables for Gases,. Fluids, Solids. VIII Specifications. IX. Sizes. X. Appendix. XI Index. Parker Offer of Sale. Parker.

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